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Without Quotabook, it would have been impossible to manage options of hundreds of  employees. Not only provides data security but also vesting schedule customization, e-contracting features and more!

VivaRepublica  |  IR Manager

Quotabook team saved us considerable amount of time and cost in setting up the initial  data on Quotabook, with seamless updates and feedback on requested features.

TMON  |  Finance Manager

Quotabook is by far the best platform to optimize stock options from digital contracting to tracking and managing daily operations.

Bespin Global  |  Finance Manager

Basically, it’s a huge advantage to be able to generate various documents on equities and their transaction histories on a single platform.

Sandbox Network  |  CorpDev Lead

Documentation process for managing equity and board meetings has become tremendously efficient with Quotabook. Needless to say how easier cap table and option management has become.

OP.GG  |  Finance Manager

Quotabook team helped organize our convoluted 8-year history of equities such as RCPS, convertible bonds and stock options.

Joonggonara  |  Finance Manager

Managing cap tables on Quotabook comes very handy. Whenever there is a change or transaction, we just need to update some numbers and the cap table stays up to date for us and our investors.

Lounge'Lab  |  Biz Support Manager

Quotabook helped me save so much time managing the cap table. I no longer need to waste hours to reflect changes or update data upon requests.

Oncocross  |  HR/Finance Lead

Now that we have Quotabook, sharing cap table or documents is seamless and fast.

Onda  |  IR Manager

We've been using Quotabook from very early on to manage ESOP, and as a result, both the firm and employees are satisfied with its simplicity and transparency.

Seoul Robotics  |  Finance Manager

Quotabook team was very supportive when we had to update and rearrange our data. They are always open to feedbacks and make sure that our problems are taken care  of.

Planetarium  |  IR Manager

I used to copy and paste each and every email address of our startups for business updates but now, I can just click ‘bulk request’ directly on Quotabook.

Honest Ventures

Being able to check cap tables and stock options of portfolio companies really simplifies our work. Newspaper clipping feature is also helpful in staying on top of our portfolio’s updates.

Korea Investment  Partners

Quotabook allows us to communicate better and stay connected with our portfolio companies. Looking forward to the day Quotabook ends up replacing emails!

Shinhan Capital

Managing 100+ portfolios, we used to be overwhelmed with manual tasks. Excited to use Quotabook and save our time.

Lotte Ventures

Quotabook is an effective tool to streamline startup-investor communication and save time in preparing documents for internal reporting.


Streamline your equity on Quotabook
from cap table to ESOP, investment
management and more.

our features

For Startups

  • Securities

    Issue new shares or notes and track issuance history

  • Cap Tables

    Check cap table by stage or date and download data spreadsheets

  • ESOP

    Grant options, manage vestings and e-sign contracts

  • Votings

    Create agenda, share with stakeholders, and collect results

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For Investors

  • Business Updates

    Customize templates, request / receive updates directly and analyze / download performance data in bulk

  • Funding History

    Check your ownership, valuation, multiples and other metrics and download with a single click

  • Fund Management

    Manage portfolios by fund, track capital usage and evaluate performance by period

  • Portfolio Management

    Track cap tables, participate in votings and simplify post-investment management

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