Private Companies

investor relations
& communication

Have you ever
thought about this problem?

How can I efficiently deal with multiple reporting requests from multiple investors?

How can I communicate with my investors more easily?

How can I gather and manage scattered data
and metrics for due diligence and annual reportings?

How can I save time preparing and proceeding with investor consents?

How can I stay compliant
and audit-ready at all times?

Our solutions
to the pain points!


channel for all
of your investors

Source of Truth

for all your equity
and ownership data

Legitimate and
Readymade Template

to streamline
investor approval

Unified Communication Channel

Check requests, draft business reports
and share them directly on a single channel

Effortless Business Reporting

Load equity data and metrics with a few clicks
and complete business reporting in a flash

Streamlined investor consents

Offer digitalized experience to your investors
from creating agenda to sharing
and receiving consents

Discover how QuotaBook can streamline your investor communication