Private Companies

employee stock option

Have you ever
thought about this problem?

What is the best way to set up an ESOP?

How can I let employees track their vesting status by themselves?

How can I save my time and resource spent on stock option contracting?

How can I easily track stock option plans and vesting schedules for every employee?

How can I efficiently address questions and requests from employees on stock options?

Our solutions
to the pain points!

Digital Contracting

and management on
a single communication

Vesting Schedule

for each employee
stock option plan

Web Portal

for employees to browse
and stay updated
with their own ESOP

Digitalized Grant Process

Grant employee stock options digitally
with e-signature integration

Automated Vesting Management

Keep track of your option pool
and vesting status of all grants

Dashboard for Employees

Stay transparent and let employees keep
track of their own stock options

Discover how QuotaBook can streamline
your ESOP management