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Have you ever
thought about this problem?

After multiple funding rounds,
it became difficult to handle cap table on a spreadsheet.

How can I keep
my cap table up-to-date?

Found multiple versions of the same spreadsheet on different devices, but which one is right?

How can I fix broken excel formulasand recalculate everything in my cap table?

How can I quickly mode
l future fundings?

Our solutions
to the pain points!

A Single

to manage
every security type
and transaction


cap table at any equity
event for both past and
present ownership


to better understand
the impact of
future financing rounds

Real-Time Cap Table

Access a single source of truth
for equity ownership

Securities Management

Track and manage shares, convertible notes,
options, and secondary transactions
on a single platform

Fundraising Modeling

Run scenario simulation on pre-money
& post-money valuation

Discover how QuotaBook can streamline
your cap table management