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[QuotaWiki] Pre-money vs Post-money Valuation


[QuotaWiki] Startup Productivity


[QuotaWiki] Option Pool


[QuotaWiki] Y Combinator


[QuotaWiki] Angel Investor

Angel Investor

[QuotaWiki] SAFE


[QuotaWiki] Stakeholders


[QuotaWiki] Series A, B, C Funding


[QuotaWiki] Venture Capital

Venture Capital

[QuotaWiki] Convertible Note

Convertible Note

[QuotaWiki] Vesting


[QuotaWiki] Capitalization Table (Cap Table)

Cap Table

[QuotaWiki] How to Grant Employee Stock Options


[QuotaWiki] 5 Things You Must Consider When Setting up an ESOP


[QuotaWiki] What is an Employee Stock Option Plan?


[QuotaWiki] Startup Fundraising 101: Venture Capital Investment Process in 6 Stages


What does a Product Team do at a Fintech Startup?

"We listen and respond to client feedback, reflect them to the product ASAP."

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[QuotaWiki] What are Employee Stock Options?

The essentials of what startup founders need to know about Employee Stock Options


Co-Founder Dan on Simplifying Equity for Startup Founders

Dan, Co-Founder of QuotaBook shares how he strives to make equity simple.

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Customer Success Stories | Bespin Global 🗺

Bespin Global Shares How They Simplified Stock Options Management with QuotaBook


Customer Success Stories | ONCOCROSS 💊

How ONCOCROSS uses QuotaBook to communicate with investors and employees


Co-Founder Pilseon on Transitioning From Accounting, VC to QuotaBook

Find out why Pilseon joined and his vision for Quota Lab

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Customer Success Stories | Honest Ventures

How Honest Ventures Makes Honest and Reliable Investments through QuotaBook


CEO Andy Choi on Digital Transformation in Startup Finance (Part 2)

How CEO Andy Choi seeks to digitize private equity with Quota Lab (Part 2)

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CEO Andy Choi on Building a Bridge between Startup & VC

Find out how and why Quota Lab started (Part 1)

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QuotaBook Experience at Y Combinator

From application to graduation, episodes from CEO Andy Choi


Customer Stories | Sandbox Network 📦

"We were confident that QuotaBook was the answer to our problem with equity management."


An Equity Management Platform for Startups and VC

Quota Lab helps you manage cap tables, ESOPs, fund, portfolio and all things equity-related.

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Quota Lab Joins 500 Startups as a Startup Equity Management Solution

How Quota Lab is narrowing the gap in equity management between startups & investors

Mission & Vision

Cap Table Management Software for Startups in Asia

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