Using Data Rooms to Store and Share Investment Data
Data Room

Data Room

This page explains how to create and manage data rooms on QuotaBook.

You can update, store and share investment-related data and documents in data room.

This page explains how to:

  • Create data rooms
  • Create and manage permissions
  • Check access logs

Creating data rooms

Navigate to: [Dashboard] → [Data Rooms]

1. To create a new data room, click [+ Create New] button on the left panel of the Documents tab.

2. Choose a name for the new data room. We recommend naming data rooms after associated funding rounds.

3. To upload data, click [+ Add New] and choose how you wish upload files. You can upload any file directly from My Documents.

Setting access permissions

Navigate to: [Dashboard] → [Data Rooms]

  • You may add VCs to Data Room by clicking [+ Add user] from the Permissions tab.
  • Once the VC accepts your invitation, you can check whether they are able to view this data room.

Checking access logs

  • View who accessed what and where anytime.

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