Managing Option Contracts


This page explains how to create employee stock option plans and manage them on QuotaBook.

[Drafted Options] tab allows you to create option drafts and grant options through the digital contracts feature on QuotaBook by using the option plans and vesting schedules created.

This page explains how to:

  • Bulk upload multiple option drafts using Excel
  • Create option drafts individually
  • Request employee signatures online

Bulk upload multiple option drafts using Excel

Navigate to: [Securities] → [Options] → [Drafted Options]

In general, granting options and preparing documents will be processed in bulk, handling multiple employees at once. To create multiple option drafts, you can use the “Upload” feature for a quick and easy upload using Excel files.

1. Click on the [Upload] button on the top left corner

  • To upload an option draft using excel, please download and fill in the Excel template provided

2. Click Get Template to download the template.

3. Open the downloaded excel file, and go to [Option Grants] tab below.

4. Fill out all fields in the template, and double-check if the “Option plan name”, “Vesting Schedule name” and “Contract paper template” match those created and uploaded on QuotaBook.

5. Once you are done, save and upload the template. You now have multiple option drafts ready. 😇

Create option drafts individually

Navigate to: [Securities] → [Options] → [Drafted Options]

1. If you’d like to create option drafts one by one, first upload a contract template you have and then click on [Create Option Draft] button.
👉 How to upload and manage option contract templates on QuotaBook

2. Fill out the details about the stock options you are about to grant, and finalize the step by choosing a contract template.

  • You can also check the contract by clicking on the [Template Download] button.

3. Click [Submit] and your option draft is ready!

Request employee signatures online

Navigate to: [Securities] → [Options] → [Drafted Options]

Stock option grant/contract process is complete only when both the employees and company sign and return the option drafts.

1. Click on [Request Signing].

2. Check [Required] if the company must sign the contract as well. Check [Not Required] if the company does not have to sign.

3. If checked [Required] from the above, you will be asked to select and designate the company signatory. Please choose from the list of board members you have registered on QuotaBook.

4. Click [+Add Company Signatory] if you have multiple signatories.

5. Select employee from the list of option drafts you’ve created to request signatures, and click [Request]

6. Once a signing request email has been sent to the grantee, the signing status will change to In progress.

**If a company signature is required, the grantee will have to sign first and then the company will be able to sign.

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