Managing Groups


This page explains how to manage stakeholders and their access permissions on QuotaBook.

This document explains how to add and manage stakeholder or manager groups on Quotaboook.

Add stakeholder / manager groups

You can group your stakeholders based on your needs from the [Groups] tab. Group stakeholders by funding rounds, or employees who received stock options.

This grouping feature comes in handy when you need to alert a specific group about various company and stakeholder updates.

Go to [Stakeholders] → [All Stakeholders] → [Groups]

1. Click [+Add Groups], then enter a group name.
  • You can enter a group name of your choice. If an institution has more than one manager, you may drill down the drop down list to specify a particular contact point within that institution to create a group.

2. Go to [⋮] → [Edit] to make changes to the groups you created.

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