Managing Board Members
Company Settings

Company Settings

This page explains how to set up company data and manage access permissions on QuotaBook.

This document explains how to add and manage board members on QuotaBook.

Navigate to: [Company Settings] → [Settings] → [Board Members] tab

  • To check board member informations, navigate to Settings.
  • You can view the entire history of the past and current board members and their terms in the [Board Members] tab.
  • You can enter the board member information on QuotaBook to manage and work on action items regarding board members.
      ∘  Manage board member terms (Coming soon: Sending term completion       reminders to board members)
      ∘  Draft documents requiring CEO signatures (ex. Shareholder lists)
      ∘  Manage board of directors (Coming soon)

Add board members

Navigate to: [Company Settings] → [Settings] → [Board Members] tab → [ + Add Member]

  • Add board members by clicking on the [ + Add Member] button on the top right.
  • You can add both current and past board members.
  • Update the fields below to add a board member:

            ∘  Name and email

            ∘  Role: The title held by the member (ex. CEO, Co-CEO, Managing                 Director, Outside Director)

            ∘  Status: If he/she is in office or was in the past

            ∘  Start date: The date the board member took office

            ∘  End date: The date the board member’s term ended (only applies to past                 members)

Click Submit to save changes.

If you need to edit or delete a board member from the list, click on the [⋮] on the right end of the member you wish to edit or delete.

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