Issuing Convertibles


This page explains how to grant convertibles and convert them on QuotaBook.

Issue convertibles

Navigate to : [Securities] → [Convertibles]

1. Select [+ Issue Convertibles].

2. Fill out the information you need in each field.

  • Select the stakeholder who will receive and hold the security. If you have not registered the stakeholder information yet, first go to [Stakeholders] menu on the left panel to add them to the stakeholder list or select [Add Stakeholder] below.

👉  Please refer to Adding Stakeholders and Managers page for more information.

  • Once you’ve chosen the stakeholder, please select the convertible type.
  • Convertible Bond (CB)
  • Convertible Note (CN)
  • SAFE
  • Bond Warrant (BW)

💡 Note

Please select SAFE to issue KISS, and Bond Warrant to issue Warrant. Leave a memo to differentiate the issued convertible.

  • For other fields, update the information based on the convertible.

3. Add Contracts and Supporting Documents.

Upload contracts and supporting documents, if any. After reviewing your entries, hit [Issue Convertibles], and you have now successfully issued convertibles.

Click [Download] to export the convertible grant/conversion history as a CSV file.

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