Inviting Legal / Accounting Advisors and Partners
Company Settings

Company Settings

This page explains how to set up company data and manage access permissions on QuotaBook.

This page explains how to invite your legal/accounting advisors and partners to QuotaBook so that everyone can manage company information on a single platform.

Why should I invite my advisors and partners to QuotaBook?

  • Save time organizing and sharing files ⏱
      ∘  Utilize QuotaBook's data base feature that allows for a protected sharing base between your advisors and the company
  • Update your company information to the latest version with professional help 🔍
      ∘  Let your partners review and update cap tables to the latest version to make collaboration easier.

Adding partners

Navigate to: [Company Settings] → [Users & Permissions] → External Users tab

1. Click [+ Add Collaborator] in the top right corner.

2. When the Create Collaborator window pops up, enter the company name and select type. Enter the correct name and email address of the contact person and write a message if needed. Click Submit to send an email invitation.

  • Company Name : Enter name of the law firm
  • Company Type : Select law firm or accounting firm
  • Memo : Enter description
  • User Name: Enter name of contact person
  • User Email: Enter email of contact person
    An email invitation will be sent to the address above.
  • Authority :
    Select access permission you wish to grant from 22 access levels in four categories:
    ∘  User Management and Company Settings
    ∘  Data Management
      ∘  Securities and Capitalization
      ∘  Votings
  • Invite status: Check if you wish to grant immediate access permission upon adding the partner. You can also uncheck if you’d like to invite the partner later on.

3. Below is an example for an email invitation.

4. Once your partner accepts the invitation, the status will change to [Joined].

5. To add a new manager or contact point under a parter company already registered, click [⋮] on the far right and [Add User].

6. You can send an email invite again by clicking [⋮] → [Re-invite].

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