Guide to QuotaBook Onboarding Service
QuotaBook Onboarding Service

QuotaBook Onboarding Service

Learn about the five steps to QuotaBook onboarding service from data request to inviting stakeholders.

Welcome to QuotaBook🎉Please check below for the steps and documents to share to enjoy our onboarding service.

If you'd like to update data yourself, please check this page instead.

Note: If you don’t have a QuotaBook account yet, please email us at [] or click request demo to leave your contact information and we will reach out to you.

QuotaBook's experienced onboarding team will guide you through the steps to help you quickly onboard. To start off, please prepare and share the below with us.

Basic Documents

  • Certificate of Incorporation - to set up your account with the right information that will be shown on your dashboard, as well as to your stakeholders.
  • Current/Historical cap table files - that you kept in any format such as excel, word documents or others. This helps us to understand the current structure and the cross-check data.
  • Other contracts or term sheets that we can check the price per share, number of shares, share issuance dates and etc. This helps us to build the most accurate database for every round.
  • Stakeholder contact points (names & emails) - for creating individual IDs for your stakeholders, including investors and employees. We do not send emails during onboarding and will confirm with you to send/invite any stakeholder to the platform.

Also, if applicable,

  • SAFEs and Convertibles
  • Stock option plans, agreements and any other files previously used to manage equity grants

We will then organize scattered information and update on QuotaBook. Once done, we will reach out to you to cross-check the data and guide you through the platform with your own data on it!

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