Editing Institution Information
Company Settings

Company Settings

This page explains how to set up company data and manage access permissions on QuotaBook.

This document explains how to set up company information on QuotaBook.

Note: Refer to this page to add or manage board members.

Set up company information

Navigate to [Company Settings] → [Settings] → [Institution Info]

  • Input the company information as listed on the company register. Many QuotaBook features make use of the information on this page. Please make sure to fill out the required fields.
  • The main information you need for the company are as below;
      ∘  Institution Name: Official institution listed on its register copy
      ∘  Registration Number: Registration number of the institution on the       register copy
      ∘  Tax ID: Tax ID of the institution
      ∘  Address: Address of the institution on the register copy
      ∘  Website: Company website
      ∘  Incorporation Date: Incorporation date on the register copy
      ∘  Shares Authorized: Maximum number of shares that can be authorized as       per the register copy (not the same as the number of shares issued as of
      ∘  Initial Par Value: Par value according to the register copy
      ∘  Currency: Main currency used by institution

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