Converting Convertibles


This page explains how to grant convertibles and convert them on QuotaBook.

This article explains how to convert convertibles(Convertible Bond/Convertible Note/SAFE/KISS/Bond Warrant/Warrant) on QuotaBook.

Convert convertibles

Navigate to : [Securities] → [Convertibles]

1. Select [Convert Convertibles].

Select the convertibles you would like to convert. You can convert convertibles in bulk by selecting multiple boxes. Hit [Next: Fill in conversion details] to input details of the conversion.

2. Fill out the conversion details in each field and hit [Convert].

  • Convertible conversion details

          ∘ Conversion Date

          ∘  Price Per Share

          ∘  Number of Shares

          ∘  Share Type for Conversion

          ∘  Documents (if needed)

💡 Notes

  1. If your company repays the convertibles in cash instead of converting them into shares, please put 0 for both price and quantity.
  2. For convertible notes, please enter the principal including accrued interest.

Convertible conversion completed

  • Once converted convertible status changes from ‘Outstanding’ to ‘Completed’, you can view the conversion details by clicking on each row. Hit linked share ID to see the details of the converted shares.

List of shareholders instantly updated after the conversion

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