Viewing Company Dashboard


Learn about what's on your dashboard from overview of company equity data to relevant news clippings.

This document guides you through dashboard, which provides an overview of company stakeholders, securities, total investments and relevant news clippings.

The company dashboard consists of:

  • Top Navigation Bar
  • Quick Menu
  • Analytics
  • Company Overview
  • News Clipping

1. Top Navigation Bar

Top navigation bar consists of 4 features:

    1) Account menu: You can add or edit your accounts, check the privacy
        policy, move to the help center, and log out.

    2) Notifications: This tab shows reqeusts sent to your account. You can
         accept or reject, or see the details of the requests from Notifications

    3) User Guide: Moves you to the support page. You can refer to the user
         guide when you have a problem using QuotaBook features.

    4) Perks & Benefits: Moves you to Perks & Benefits page. Check and apply
         for the perks and benefits exclusively provided to QuotaBook users.

2. Quick Menu

Quick menu provides a shortcut to key and frequently used features on QuotaBook.

3. Analytics

Analytics section lets you view key company statistics such as the total number of stakeholders and total outstanding shares.

  • Total Stakeholders: Number of stakeholders with at least one share of the company (as of the current date — does not include past stakeholders)
  • Total Outstanding Shares: Total number of shares issued (does not include BW/CB/Stock Options)
  • Total Options: Total number of stock options granted
  • Total Cash Raised: Total amount of cash raised and valuation

4. Company Overview

Company Overview section displays key company information including the CEO, registration number, incorporation date and so on.

You may edit company information by going to [Company Settings] → [Settings] on the left panel.
👉 Editing Institution Information

5. News Clipping

You can add keywords of your interest to stay updated on the latest news.

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