Making Changes to Securities


This page explains how to issue shares and manage them on QuotaBook.

Here we'll explain how to make changes to security classes during share splits, conversions and impairments.

This page explains how to:

  • Make changes to securities
  • View changes or delete history

Making Changes to Securities

1. To add or make changes to shares issued, click [Share Changes (in bulk)] then [Modify Shares].

2. Input the date that correctly reflects the change history.

3. Add reasons for the changes (e.g. stock split event, bonus shares issued, etc) for future references.

4. There are two ways to update share changes.

        a) Automated calculation: Use the ratio features below to reflect the
             correct changes in the applied shares.Check and confirm the edits before
             confirming these changes. (Ratio can be applied up to 8 decimal points)

💡 Note: Please note that if you delete the previous Shares Issued Change Ratio or Price per Share Change Ratio (in the red box below), all data fields in the table will be reset to 0 for recalculation.

        b) Manual input of each changes: Manually input each changes one by one
             on number of shares, price per share and par value.

             Refer to the ratio below for quick changes

               1) Stock conversions (n = multiplier) - Stock ratio = 1 : n - Per stock ratio
                   = 1 : 1/n - Par value ratio = 1 :

               2) Share splits (1/N)  - Stock ratio = 1 : n  - Per stock ratio = 1 : 1/n - Par
                    value ratio = 1 : 1/n

5. Once complete, reload the page to view the changes made.

  • You can view the history of changes by clicking [View] on the security that was edited.
  • View details of all the changes including dates, reasons, etc

View changes or delete history

Navigate to [Securities] → [Shares]

1. Click [Share Changes (in bulk)] then [View/Delete] to edit or delete specific changes.

2. You can view all change history events in one single view or view individual events in detail by clicking [View].

💡 Note: Please note that if you delete an event, data will be restored back to before.

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