Drafting a Business Report
Data and Reports

Data and Reports

This article is a guide on how to draft a business report via QuotaBook

Drafting a Business Report

1. Check Email Invitation: Click "Input Details" on invitation email from QuotaBook

2. Filing an Investor Requested Business Report

  1. Navigate to “Business Report NEW” on your left side toggle menu under “Portfolio Management” and select the specific business report requested by one of your investor shareholders

  1. Select “Draft Report” under “To Do” on the right side of the screen

  1. The required sections of the report will be listed marked as “Required”

Report Guide:

  1. View Requests by Investor: Select specific investor to share the business report with
  2. Category: Select, view, and edit the required categories. Required categories will be marked with   “ ***** “
  3. Field Categories: Required sections will be marked with “ ***** “
  4. Input Fields: Enter the appropriate data (name, value, date)
  5. Load existing data”: loads previous data for entire section from data from previous reports stored in QuotaBook
  6. Save”: Please make sure to save prior to moving on to the next report category

  1. Select “Add rows” within the Borrowing, Ownership, and Capital Change categories to input multiple transactions and individuals
  1. Attaching Files: Select “Upload file” and attach the appropriate files based on category

3. Creating and Filing Your Own Business Report

6. Click ‘Add rows’ if you need an additional row.

7. Click [Files] category → ‘Upload file’ button to attach the document. When a new window pops up, choose the upload button under each item.

8. From the Dashboard, you can check the number of documents that the investor requested and the documents currently uploaded.

  • If you have further questions, let us know by the support chat widget at the bottom right of the page. The customer support team will help you. 🙂

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