Adding Internal Users
Company Settings

Company Settings

This page explains how to set up company data and manage access permissions on QuotaBook.

You can invite different users (eg. finance manager, HR manager) from your company to view and manage different data on QuotaBook. This document explains how to add internal users and set different levels of permission.

Navigate to : [Company Settings] → [Users & Permissions] → Internal Users tab

1. Click [+ Add User]

2. Enter user information

Enter the user email address and information. Select access levels you wish to grant.

You can differentiate access levels for every user within the six categories. This will decide the range of data user can access, and what they can view and edit.

  • User Management and Company Settings
  • Data Management
  • Securities and Capitalization
  • Votings
  • Data Room
  • Security

Check the Invite box and update the invitation message if necessary. When you click Submit, an invitation email will be sent to the user. You can also uncheck the box for now and send the invitation later.

Once the invited user accepts the email invitation, they will now have access to QuotaBook with the access levels you have granted.

You can check the user invitation status from the internal users list. If necessary, you can always re-send an email invite or remove access.

3. Edit users

You can always edit the permission of users. Navigate to the Internal Users or External Users tab depending on their profile.

  • Click [⋮] → [Edit]

Select the access levels you wish to grant and click Submit to save changes.

Note: To manage your own user information (eg. name, email, address, language settings), you can log in to your QuotaBook account and click on the username in the top right corner to edit profile.

For details, please check 👉 Managing User Profile

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