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Cap Table Management Software for Startups in Asia

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Adapted from articles originally published by Yonhap News (link) and Venture Square (link).

Even the smallest startups must keep track of their investors, the shares they hold and money they have invested. Having a clear understanding of stakeholders and equity is critical in forecasting the company’s future value and planning out upcoming investments.

However, managing equity is not as easy as it sounds, especially for new early-stage startups without prior experience or knowledge on funding. Most depend on excel spreadsheets or word documents, which may both lead to mistakes while updating numbers manually. Not to mention how time-consuming and repetitive the process can be. Companies eventually fail to keep their most important information up-to-date, leading to miscalculation of shares dilution or mixing up contact points of stakeholders that should have been present at board meetings, let alone a clear understanding of their own valuation pre or post funding rounds.

Co-founders of Quotabook equity management platform for startups and investors. Cap table and stock options made easy.

To solve such inefficiencies, three co-founders, Andy, Dan and Phil, have gathered to set up QuotaBook, a SaaS-based equity management platform. QuotaBook provides solutions to simplify cap table and employee stock option management, as well as investor relations through its reporting and voting features. Co-founders, all of whom have previous experience working at VCs themselves, are eager to reduce the amount of manual work through digitization to make everyone’s life easier. Extra features such as Dataroom to store and share sensitive documents or cap table analytics and financial simulation that show instant results on company’s value and ownership enable founders to focus on their business rather than manual number crunching. Andy, co-founder and CEO of QuotaBook mentions:

QuotaBook has considered possibly every situation and case that could happen in reality in terms of equity management and investment rounds, at the same time making sure that users are safe with their cap table data.

He also adds that “QuotaBook’s first goal is to replace spreadsheets and templates, digitizing all repetitive tasks so that companies can focus on growth itself.”

Company ownership management stakeholders, startups, investors, employees, partners. Use quotabook single equity solution.

Most importantly, QuotaBook is a platform used together with all stakeholders, founders, investors, employees and even lawyers and accountants, hence there is no need to communicate through multiple email threads- all one needs to do is invite the stakeholder and have them join on QuotaBook to view the single source of truth. Andy shares QuotaBook’s end-goal is to create “Southeast Asia’s single solution for not only cap table management but also due diligence and corporate governance, starting from Singapore, Hong Kong and others” and adds, “we are actively reaching out to and working together with lawyers and accountants to create a firm ecosystem.”

Dan, co-founder and also an ex-VC, comments on the value of QuotaBook as “just like trees growing and adding new rings with age, managing equity data from a startup’s beginning and providing transparency for both investors and employees will encourage safer and more active fundings that can fuel further growth.”

Make equity simple with QuotaBook
QuotaBook is a global equity management platform with a mission to create an ecosystem for private companies and their investors and employees. Leaving spreadsheets and manual works behind, every stakeholder can connect online and sync crucial data on equity such as cap table or employee stock options. It is the leading platform used by top startups and VCs in Asia, backed by Y Combinator.

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