An Equity Management Platform for Startups and VC
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An Equity Management Platform for Startups and VC

Quota Lab helps you manage cap tables, ESOPs, fund, portfolio and all things equity-related.

QuotaBook: an Equity Management Platform for Startups & VCs in Asia

QuotaBook helps both startups and VCs manage cap tables, ESOP, fund, Portfolio and all things equity-related.

In the last month of 2020, our CEO Andy presented at the demo day organized by Lotte Accelerator, introducing QuotaBook online to an audience of more than 700 people. Sharing the key points below about why QuotaBook is working so hard and how we have been growing so far.

Quotabook explaining on cap table and portfolio management platform
Quotabook CEO Andy at L-CAMP Demo Day

QuotaBook is the first equity management solution in Korea.

The company was incorporated in 2019, when three ex-VCs questioned the inefficiencies they were experiencing. We now help startups, investors and stakeholders handle equity-related work more efficiently on a single platform.

Even as we speak, equity data is being managed in all sorts of ways using spreadsheets, word documents or email threads that are:

Cap table on spreadsheet, cap table of documents leads to problems

The ultimate data source that both startups and investors are looking into is, and should be, basically the same. So why are we approaching it differently? This is the question that QuotaBook tried to answer and is solving at the moment.

With QuotaBook, startups and investors no longer have to keep the data separately. Once the data is updated it will flow into the other side’s view as well, allowing real-time data synchronization and better communication.

Quotabook for startups and investors, cap table management, fund management, investor relations, reporting, corporate governance

For busy startups, our features start with cap tables and end with investor relations.

Quotabook cap table, past shareholders, current shareholders, ownership, share class, common shares, ordinary shares, preferred shares, shares certificate
  • Track new issuance and secondary transactions, as well as specific terms and rights associated with each shares on a single page view.
startup stock option management, ESOP, exercise price, vesting schedule, employee stocks, HR stock options, Quotabook
  • When employees ask about their ESO, founders or HR team can simply refer them to QuotaBook to check and manage by themselves.
Quotabook business reports, performance updates, KPI metrics, investor rights and votings, share with investors, investor communication, corporate governance on Quotabook
  • Various data and reports can be simply managed and shared to investors.

For investors, QuotaBook helps with data automation and operation for portfolio and fund management.

Investor dashboard, fund and portfolio management, number of investments, investor profit and loss, portfolio startups, VCs manage investments on Quotabook.
  • Investors can easily check the entire portfolio data, especially the really important numbers that needs to be tracked.
Fund dash board, fund administration tool, fund admin, fund manager tool, fund hurdle rate, fund note, tracking investment on Quotabook
  • Data view by fund level enables efficient and strategic management.
Quotabook data visualization, funding history, fund graph, investment charts, VC management tool, portfolio graph and charts on Quotabook
  • Investors can view analytics to see how well they are doing compared to the market and how their portfolios are growing

QuotaBook has been growing rapidly for that past year and a half.

By providing a platform that solves day-to-day problems, QuotaBook is being used by hundreds of startups and VCs and has been backed by almost 20 investors including 500 Startups, Korea Investment Partners, KEB Hana Bank, Lotte Accelerator, Redbadge Pacific and more.

Quotabook private equity users, startup users, investor users, VC users, number of Quotabook users, quotabook growth, quotabook performance

Finally, we are expanding.

QuotaBook is ready to support more startups and investors in simplifying equity in Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and others, where inefficiencies still prevail. If you are interested in simplifying your equity with our seamless data management platform, reach out to for more information.

Make equity simple with QuotaBook - QuotaBook is a SaaS-based equity management solution for both Startups and Venture Capital funds. Startups and VCs can sync crucial equity-related data such as cap tables, employee stock options as well as investor updates on our platform so that every stakeholder can communicate through a single source of truth. QuotaBook is the No. 1 equity management software for startups in Korea, trusted by 2000+ startups & VCs and backed by more than 20 VC funds.

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