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Benefit Details

  • Notion is offering USD 1,000 discount on Team or Enterprise Plan. Thousands of startups use this plan to run a wiki, manage projects, share documents, and more.


  • USD 1,000 discount enables a team with 10 persons to use Notion for free for 10 months. Claim the benefit and enjoy Notion for free!
  • Homepage:


  • Startups who previously claimed the credit for Notion for Startups cannot reapply for this benefit

How to apply

  1. Click the below "Apply" button and submit the application
  2. Upon submitting the application, Coupon Code and detailed instructions will be delivered via email used for application
  3. Credit will be provided within approximately 1~2 business days after the review.

*The above benefits may be changed or closed without the consent of the members due to changes or expiration of contract terms with partners.


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